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Someone Out There to Hear His Cry

Someone Out There to Hear His Cry

Faith and Me Ministries

Someone Out There to Hear His Cry


A cold gentle breeze hits his face
A strong wind gathers its strength
Shining upon thee with grace
His destiny heaven sent


Lost in a maze of discontent
Limbo state, unending wait
So many hurdles to prevent
Breaking through the circle of faith


A stone’s throw from reality’s doorstep
A hop, skip and a jump from failure
Only his soul is kept in check
Poetry to his soul is like water to a sailor


He won’t part before he’s heard
Something inside won’t let him die
He needs the world to hear his word
Someone out there to hear his cry


He is the dreamer of all dreamers
Flying up into the sky
Swirling, swirling
Lustful and alive

Someone Out There to Hear His Cry

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Rev. Charles R. Walker Jr. is an author and ordained minister whose words have reached across the world on every continent. His spiritual and universal commentary that he is known for has a unique nature to it and at moments expresses utter brilliance and common sense.

Rev. Charles was raised Irish Catholic and in his forties was Reborn. He created his powerful and beautiful ministry to help spread the word of spiritual redemption. He grew up on the streets and beaches of South Florida. Only third generation Irish, Rev. Charles has a unique perspective on life here in America, since his family has not been here very long.

He is an avid backpacker who’s been climbing mountains since the age of five. With his father, he has climbed the tallest peaks east of the Mississippi and has backpacked a large portion of the Appalachian Trail.

Rev. Charles and his love for God seems to have no bounds and inspires many people. His love for writing is crystal clear for all to see and his faith exhibits a timeless nature.