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Jim Carrey Touched by Suicide

Jim Carrey Touched by Suicide

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Jim Carrey Touched by Suicide. It is a subject that touches people no matter how much money you make or how famous you are. Char Adams writes for People on the subject and says:

The estranged husband of Jim Carrey’s late girlfriend, Cathriona White, is suing the actor, claiming that he is responsible for White’s fatal overdose last year, PEOPLE confirms.

Mark Burton filed a wrongful death suit against Carrey in Los Angeles County Superior Court on Monday, alleging that the 54-year-old actor used his “immense wealth and celebrity status” to illegally obtain the drugs that killed 30-year-old White, according to court documents obtained by PEOPLE.

Jim Carrey Touched by Suicide

Burton, who was married to White at the time of her death, alleges that Carrey obtained the drugs illegally under the false name “Arthur King” and gave them to White even though he knew the she was prone to depression and suicide. He also alleges Carrey attempted to cover up his involvement after her death.

In a statement to PEOPLE, Burton’s lawyer Michael Avenatti said he and Burton are asking for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office to launch an investigation into White’s death. “We look forward to the facts and evidence relating to Mr. Carrey’s conduct and role in the death of Ms. White coming to light,” Avenatti said.

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Jim Carrey Touched by Suicide